Watch ABC News: Dateline TONIGHT! march 04,  2009;
03:14 pm

Tonight, at 11:35 EST, ABC News: Dateline will feature a story about the incredibly inhumane treatment of chimpanzees and other primates at a University of Louisiana research facility. Please tune in and encourage your friends to watch so that we can spread the word about these horrors being committed against sentient beings.

To read a story about tonight's program, visit the ABC site here.

The HSUS website has information about their undercover investigation and the Great Ape Protection Act here.

If we don't speak on behalf of the voiceless, who will?

Thank you for your help!
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november 10,  2008;
03:28 pm

I'm working on finishing up my apprenticeship at a high end salon in Dupont Circle and I need haircut models. No need for drastic changes, just a good haircut. I especially need longer hair models. Men are welcome too! The cost is $10, and allow yourself a couple hours.

All of our products are cruelty free and vegan, in case you're wondering!

Comment here or send me a direct e-mail at for more information.

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2008 Walk for Farm Animals this Saturday! september 17,  2008;
02:19 pm

Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals is taking place this Saturday in D.C.! Here's the scoop:

Date: Saturday, Sept. 20
Time: Registration 1 p.m., Walk 2 p.m.
Location: Dupont Circle (2-mile walk ~ very metro accessible!)
Local Walk Coordinator: Sarah Barnett
Phone: 703-919-8571
A printable flier is available here.

Hope you can make it! For more information about Farm Sanctuary, go here.
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Win the cupcake war! september 12,  2008;
09:26 am

The Washington Post's Going out Gurus are taking a poll for D.C.'s best cupcakes. Sticky Fingers, vegan bakery extraordinaire, is in the running. Vote for them here!
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Vegan Sandwhich Night at the Infoshop! march 24,  2008;
11:37 pm

Come out to the Infoshop this Wednesday, March 26th for the vegan sandwich
night. This week will feature vegan pulled pork subs and vegan roasted
chicken with peppercorn bacon sandwiches.

Sandwiches will be available to pick up at the Infoshop starting at 6:30PM.

$6 donation per sandwich. Donations will benefit the Infoshop.

february 16,  2008;
08:30 am

I am looking to move within the next couple months. One of my main requirements for a living situation is that it is a vegan household.


Are any of you (or people you know) looking to move in with someone, or need a roommate in their current living situation?

I am looking for something in the Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan area most likely, since i work in Dupont.

Thanks for any help!

06:18 pm

Wednesday, Dec 12th
6:30pm $3

The Max Levine Ensemble
AND A VEGAN CAKE OFF!! (rules and regulations below)

@ the Bobby Fisher Memorial Building
1644 N. Capitol St. NW WDC


For an additional $3 you get ALL YOU CAN EAT VEGAN CAKE and get to judge the cake bake off competition!

If you bring a vegan cake YOU EAT CAKE FOR FREE and eligible for FABULOUS and DELICIOUS PRIZES!!!

You can enter the seperate competition for gluten free cakes!

All cake money goes to benefit the Bobby Fisher Memorial Building construction funds.

Animal Welfare Legislation in D.C. june 11,  2007;
06:48 pm


Hello all,

I've been working with the GW Law School's Animal Welfare Project in support of legislation currently making its way through the D.C. Council.  We are seeking signatures from D.C. residents who favor a provision of the D.C. Animal Protection Amendment Act of 2007 that creates a claim against a D.C. vet who, through gross negligence or bad faith intentional conduct, causes the death of a companion animal.  If proved, the owner can recover economic and non-economic damages.  Non-economic damages represent the loss of companionship of the animal with caps up to $2,000 for gross negligence and $7,500 for bad faith intentional conduct.

If you support this, please go here and sign the petition by Tuesday, June 12th.  (The full text of the provision is on the site.)

And please pass this along to any D.C. residents you know who would support this as well!  This provision has some significant opposition, and constituent support could go a long way.

Thanks so much!


Oddities not Commodities may 24,  2007;
10:20 am

Didja Hear?
DC Radical Cheerleaders Recruit!

All You boys in dresses
all you girls with short tresses
don't you buy the media lies
we don't care what's between your thighs!

Come join us cheer. We are getting our butts into gear....

for P-R-I-D-E

join the yahoo group :

Once you Join (and are approved) be sure to vote for our meeting date:

See you soon!!

For more information on Radical Cheerleaders and DC Pride!Collapse )

roommate(s) wanted! april 12,  2007;
09:36 pm

Hello everyone!

My boyfriend and I will be looking to move into an apartment in early August. We are intersted in a roommate or two to help cut the cost! We would ideally like to spend no more than $600+utilities/month.

It doesn't matter whether it is in DC, MD, or VA, but it MUST be within walking distance of a Metro stop.

You must be respectful of common areas, relatively laid back, and easy to get along with.

Oh yeah, you MUST BE VEGAN!! Non-smokers/non-drinkers/non-drug users are definitely preferred!

Let me know if you or someone you know is interested!
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Housing Co-ops april 02,  2007;
04:53 pm

Hi DC Vegans!

I'm sorry this is somewhat off-topic but this definitly seemed like the DC lj community that seemed best suited for this question.

My partner and I are in the process of moving to D.C. and are looking at housing alternatives. We're really excited about the idea of co-op housing, either in terms of sharing a house with others or a good co-op apartment complex but either way, we're excited about some degree of intentional living in the community. Anyway, I'm having a hard time finding any good info online. Very few of the co-ops listed by the Potomac Association have websites and the non-Potomac co-ops I've found seem to be a little shady and not really co-ops.

So... have any of you had co-op housing experiance (of any kind) in D.C.? How long was the wait list? What was the application process like? How did you like it? Are there any co-ops you'd like to recommend to us (or recommend for us to stay away from)?

If it makes a difference, neither of us have lived in official co-ops but we lived in a somewhat unofficial co-op with 4-5 other people for two years and loved it. We've both also had a lot of experiance with our local food co-op and a dinner co-op (as well as a lesser degree of experiance with a bike co-op) so we consider ourselves to be pretty good co-opers. We won't qualify for subsidized housing and are planning on being in DC for 2+ years.

Also, just to make this post more on topic, I suppose I'll take this opportunity to introduce myself. Like I said, I'm moving to D.C. in June from Indiana where I'm finishing up my BA in Peace and Global Studies. I'm not a vegan but I am a strict vegetarian and have been vegetarian for about ten years. Right now I'm actually going vegan for Lent. This is the longest time I've ever been vegan and though I'm not planning on sticking with it after Easter I'm really loving it and I hope it will lead to me cooking vegan more at home once I go back to just being vegetarian. Anyway, thanks in advance for all of your help.
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february 18,  2007;
05:21 pm

Hey, I'm not sure if this is "appropriate" or not, but my room mates and I are looking for a room mate the beginning of March. Here's some info:

LJ cutCollapse )

Vegan dining in Gaithersburg... december 28,  2006;
02:04 pm

It is so far away but if you have to be out that way... Negril in Gaithersburg (if you were familiar) is under new ownership and is now Antonio's Cafe. The menu has been recently expanded and with consultation from the nearby Humane Society Headquarters (from what I was told by the person working yesterday who I believe is the owner... I am bad with names and his is escaping me now) several vegan dishes have been added. I was also told they would be the VegDC feature of the month for January.

I had already eaten before we got there (on a mission to pick up Jamaican Black Cake) so unfortunately don't have a review to share.

Happy eating!
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Vegan tattoos august 14,  2006;
09:03 pm

Hello, everybody. :)

I want to get a new tattoo (okay, many more...they're too addictive!). I was told that there may be a vegan artist in Ellicott City who uses vegan ink. Does anyone know if that's true, and if so, any contact info?

Any recommendations for any vegan tattoo artists at all would be appreciated!

july 15,  2006;
09:12 am

Hi! I'm a vegan that just moved to MD a few weeks ago. I hope this is okay to ask...I need to find an affordable vet asap. We're short on funds, but of course I want to get her the best quality care possible. I live near UMCP, but I'll drive a good distance if it means better quality care. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
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Taking Action for Animals 2006 july 13,  2006;
03:37 pm

Is anyone going to this? I'd like to go if I can find a few folks to hang around with.

Congressional hearing Thursday June 29 june 21,  2006;
05:28 pm


x-posting to veganpeople

Farm Animal Welfare Congressional Hearing

Note: this was forwarded from a friend, and so I don’t know the original source.
On Thursday, June 29, 2006, The Congressional Friends of Animals Caucus is hosting a hearing to discuss the wider scope of farmed animal welfare. This is a significant event – probably the first time there has ever been a Congressional hearing on the broad scope of farm animal welfare. Speakers include Gene Bauston (Farm Sanctuary), Cathy Liss (Animal Welfare Institute), and Wayne Pacelle (The Humane Society of the United States). 
It is critically important that we show support for this effort through attendance. An empty room will convey the message to Congress and the media that the issue lacks public interest and support.
Hearing Date/Time/Place:
            Date:             Thursday, June 29, 2006
            Place:           Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2203  (located on Independence Ave., SE in between First and  S. Capitol Sts.) in Washington, DC
           Time:            1:30 p.m.
What you can do:
  • Attend if possible;
  • Circulate this alert to your friends, family, and co-workers in the DC area asking them to attend;
  • Further circulate this to others outside the DC area asking them to alert anyone they know in the DC area.
Thank you for helping us generate a large turnout to demonstrate to Congress and the media that farmed animal issues deserve to be on the political agenda.  


DC Vegan Diner june 16,  2006;
06:35 am

Check this out - a 24 hour vegan 50's style diner.   They're tentatively planning it around 9th St. at the convention center. 
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help may 30,  2006;
07:56 pm

Hi. I'm looking for an upscale restaurant either near the Kennedy Center or in NoVa that serves good vegan food. I'm not really looking for an entirely veg restaurant since my date is not. Just a reasonably fancy place with options. Thanks.
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Pro-Vivisection Ads on Metro Trains may 27,  2006;
12:45 pm

Are there any other Metro riders here wanting to confront the specist vivisection ads on The Metro trains? The headline in the ad is a quote from the President of PETA that states, "Even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we'd be against it." I agree that it is wrong to involuntarily torture prisoners who are innocent (animals) for some possible human benefit. Why not use human research subjects that consent and are compensated?

Also the ad links PETA to "violent eco-terrorists". First has the Animal Liberation Front or Earth Liberation Front killed any human? And I hardly consider the destruction of inanimate corporate objects as violence. I would however say that the biological holocaust against every form of life that is not exploitable by corporations and governments, and the enslavement of everything that is as being the greatest degree of violence....I am not a 100% defender of PETA... but their legal defense of people caught up in the Green Scare is honorable.

Surprisingly when I did a search for "Center for Consumer Freedom, PETA" on google I didn't even find a response from PETA on the first page of results. Instead I found a myriad of right-wing anti-PETA groups. I also didn't find much of a response on PETA's website other than a link to the Center for Consumer Freedom or Deception which mentions the CCF's big corporate ties to Phillip Morris, and other corporations with public image problems.

So does anyone know where one could pick up some anti-vivisection pamphlets in Washington, DC? the Brian Mackenzie Infoshop (1426 9th St. NW) is running out. Placing them into the corners of these ads on The Metro trains would be a nice touch.
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