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Pro-Vivisection Ads on Metro Trains

Are there any other Metro riders here wanting to confront the specist vivisection ads on The Metro trains? The headline in the ad is a quote from the President of PETA that states, "Even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we'd be against it." I agree that it is wrong to involuntarily torture prisoners who are innocent (animals) for some possible human benefit. Why not use human research subjects that consent and are compensated?

Also the ad links PETA to "violent eco-terrorists". First has the Animal Liberation Front or Earth Liberation Front killed any human? And I hardly consider the destruction of inanimate corporate objects as violence. I would however say that the biological holocaust against every form of life that is not exploitable by corporations and governments, and the enslavement of everything that is as being the greatest degree of violence....I am not a 100% defender of PETA... but their legal defense of people caught up in the Green Scare is honorable.

Surprisingly when I did a search for "Center for Consumer Freedom, PETA" on google I didn't even find a response from PETA on the first page of results. Instead I found a myriad of right-wing anti-PETA groups. I also didn't find much of a response on PETA's website other than a link to the Center for Consumer Freedom or Deception which mentions the CCF's big corporate ties to Phillip Morris, and other corporations with public image problems.

So does anyone know where one could pick up some anti-vivisection pamphlets in Washington, DC? the Brian Mackenzie Infoshop (1426 9th St. NW) is running out. Placing them into the corners of these ads on The Metro trains would be a nice touch.
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