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Hey, I'm not sure if this is "appropriate" or not, but my room mates and I are looking for a room mate the beginning of March. Here's some info:

  • A vegan household
  • A praaactiice space if you're in a band (this means that there are bands that practice here a lot -- almost every day of the week. We have a few rules regarding bands playing, which include:

    • Someone who lives at the house MUST be in a band for that band to practice
    • That person who lives here MUST be here in order for a band to practice
    • Someone who lives here MUST be in the house for anyone to play music
    • No music past 9:00/9:30

  • Occasional shows (one every two months or so)
  • Band sleep overs (everything is ALWAYS arranged with all roommates beforehand so no one is stumbling in after work to a band sleeping on the floor). It happens fairly often, though, but you also have your own access to your room.
  • Wireless high speed internet / on demand cable
  • Three fabulous, amazing room mates!
  • A big room that has a huge picture window (good for reading / painting / drawing / sleeping in sunbeams), it's own entrance and secure locks.
  • 20 minutes walking distance from the PG Plaza metro / a short biking or walking distance from College Park and a ten or fifteen minute drive (a little more when traffic is heavy) to 95/695. Three local co-ops within fifteen minutes biking / driving time (GLUT, Maryland Food Co-op, M.O.M.s). Up the street from 7/11, Rite Aid, Exxon, McDonalds

  • There are a few things, though..

    • The room is only being rented to one person. No couples, please!
    • No pets. (I do keep a snake, who is safe and secure in her enclosure. "Caged" pets, as long as they don't escape or get loose may be okay with my room mates)
    • If you aren't vegan/vegetarian, all we ask is that there is no meat in the house.
    • Rent is $350 a month + util.
    • We like people who aren't shady and pay rent on time. It's a pretty busy household, so positive people are a plus! Cleaning up after yourself (dishes, cooking, showers/baths, band practice, etc) is a MUST! We aren't super tidy, but messes everywhere are not very fun!
    • You won't have to be on the lease. My room mates have lived here for five years, I am a new addition as of November.

If you're interested, please email me at everywakinghour@gmail.com!

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