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Housing Co-ops

Hi DC Vegans!

I'm sorry this is somewhat off-topic but this definitly seemed like the DC lj community that seemed best suited for this question.

My partner and I are in the process of moving to D.C. and are looking at housing alternatives. We're really excited about the idea of co-op housing, either in terms of sharing a house with others or a good co-op apartment complex but either way, we're excited about some degree of intentional living in the community. Anyway, I'm having a hard time finding any good info online. Very few of the co-ops listed by the Potomac Association have websites and the non-Potomac co-ops I've found seem to be a little shady and not really co-ops.

So... have any of you had co-op housing experiance (of any kind) in D.C.? How long was the wait list? What was the application process like? How did you like it? Are there any co-ops you'd like to recommend to us (or recommend for us to stay away from)?

If it makes a difference, neither of us have lived in official co-ops but we lived in a somewhat unofficial co-op with 4-5 other people for two years and loved it. We've both also had a lot of experiance with our local food co-op and a dinner co-op (as well as a lesser degree of experiance with a bike co-op) so we consider ourselves to be pretty good co-opers. We won't qualify for subsidized housing and are planning on being in DC for 2+ years.

Also, just to make this post more on topic, I suppose I'll take this opportunity to introduce myself. Like I said, I'm moving to D.C. in June from Indiana where I'm finishing up my BA in Peace and Global Studies. I'm not a vegan but I am a strict vegetarian and have been vegetarian for about ten years. Right now I'm actually going vegan for Lent. This is the longest time I've ever been vegan and though I'm not planning on sticking with it after Easter I'm really loving it and I hope it will lead to me cooking vegan more at home once I go back to just being vegetarian. Anyway, thanks in advance for all of your help.
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