E is for Ennui (sailalias) wrote in dc_vegans,
E is for Ennui

Animal Welfare Legislation in D.C.

Hello all,

I've been working with the GW Law School's Animal Welfare Project in support of legislation currently making its way through the D.C. Council.  We are seeking signatures from D.C. residents who favor a provision of the D.C. Animal Protection Amendment Act of 2007 that creates a claim against a D.C. vet who, through gross negligence or bad faith intentional conduct, causes the death of a companion animal.  If proved, the owner can recover economic and non-economic damages.  Non-economic damages represent the loss of companionship of the animal with caps up to $2,000 for gross negligence and $7,500 for bad faith intentional conduct.

If you support this, please go here and sign the petition by Tuesday, June 12th.  (The full text of the provision is on the site.)

And please pass this along to any D.C. residents you know who would support this as well!  This provision has some significant opposition, and constituent support could go a long way.

Thanks so much!

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